Protect Your Business

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Employee Training

When you ask employers to name one aspect of the business they wish they could do better, you will often hear…provide better training for employees. This sentiment is also echoed by new employees. If so important, why doesn’t it happen more regularly? Some argue its value is intangible. Effective training can be costly. And it sometimes doesn’t fit well when a new employee needs to be immediately productive. While Read More

Screening a Candidate

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Is Your Business Protected?

A trademark can provide an additional layer of protection, since a company’s name is often tied closely with its idea. Also, by establishing a trademark, you also have added protection in the event a legal issue should arise. The documentation required to register a trademark can serve as written proof that your business idea was in the works at a specified time. These dates will be crucial in establishing the exact Read More

Go Straight to Lawvex

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At a Hire Level

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Flight Plan

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8 Regulations That May Impact Your Business in 2017

Rules and regulations, and compliance with, are critical components of small business ownership. As is to be expected, the California legislature has been busy at work revising existing regulations and crafting new ones. While not exhaustive, here are 8 that will not only impact you this year, but in years to come. Read More

Get Your State Certification

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