Advance Health Care Directive & Financial Power of Attorney For Young Adults

Did you know that if you get sick or in an accident, your parents do not have any right to be involved in your medical or financial decision making? Read on for a story about one of our clients that had this happen to them.

Let’s fix that! RSVP on form below and join Lawvex for our 3rd annual young adult 1822X back to school event! This event will be on Friday, July 07, 2023 from 3pm to 6pm, and is hosted at these locations:

Clovis at our office at 2565 Alluvial Ave. Suite 202, NW corner of Temperance and Alluvial
Madera at our office at 110 N. D St.
Solvang at our office at 595 Alamo Pintado Rd.
Visalia at Frazer, LLP office at 2250 W. Main Street


You don’t need to be with us the entire 3 hours! Each person generally is done within an hour of when they arrive. All 18-22 year old adults are welcome.

This is a fund raiser for China Peak Volunteer Ski Patrol. We are asking for participants to please make a $50 donation to China Peak Volunteer Ski Patrol.

Hablamos español. We will have Spanish speaking staff on hand. Share the love and text your friends!

Maintain the Ability to Help Family Members: HIPAA Release & Advance Health Care Directive

In 2021, one of our clients called in a panic because his 20 year old daughter had acute appendicitis. He had taken his daughter to the local hospital. Once at the hospital – they took his daughter into an examination room and would NOT LET THE FATHER GO WITH HIS DAUGHTER AND WOULD NOT GIVE HIM ANY INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT WAS HAPPENING! The father was literally blocked by hospital security from being with his daughter. He called in a panic asking “what can I do?”

Unfortunately, we had to explain to him that once a young adult turns 18 parents no longer have the right to their children’s Private Health Information under federal HIPAA law and no longer have the right to participate in consent to treatment or make any medical decisions whatsoever – UNLESS – the adult child has previously created legal documents that authorize it.

Because this story is all too common, and one of our values at Lawvex is to educate our clients and the community, we are inviting you to attend 1822x – a back to school event for 18 to 22 year olds to check the box and get this done. Our young adult neighbors in the Fresno Clovis Madera and Solvang communities will receive their own legal:

(X) Advance Health Care Directive with HIPAA release; and

(X) Financial Power of Attorney

By checking the box with us, young adults that get sick or get in an accident will have provided their parents or other loved ones with FULL legal authority to:

1. Speak to their health care provider and receive Private Health Information under HIPAA.
2. Make medical decisions for them such as consent to treatment, and life sustaining treatment.
3. Take care of financial matters such as deposit a paycheck, access a bank account, or even access a social media account.

In case of emergency – we also host a copy of these legal documents securely online that you can access through our mobile app on your phone!

Lawvex provides these services as a pro bono community event. This is a fundraiser for China Peak Volunteer Ski Patrol. Instead of legal fees, we are asking for a $50 tax deductible donation to benefit China Peak Volunteer Ski Patrol, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.


Disclaimer: Certain aspects of this event are not confidential. By attending this event, you consent that other attendees or volunteers of China Peak Ski Patrol may be present helping or waiting in line and may see or overhear information that would otherwise be confidential and attorney-client privileged.

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