After an initial period at a large law firm, and then a small law firm, our founder, Gary Winter, built a successful solo practice. But Gary had a vision and a passion to create a new and improved version of the law firm that not only served clients better, but also provided a healthy and flexible work environment for attorneys and staff.

Gary created Lawvex with the sole purpose of taking the frustration (the “vexing” part) out of law, not just for our clients, but also for our attorneys and our team, and came up with the “Lawvex” name and logo to symbolize that the firm was first and foremost about its purpose, not about the lawyers’ last names.


Being purpose-centered on our mission of taking the frustration out of law is critical to us. It’s what makes us unique. It’s what makes our work rewarding and fun. If removing your clients’ frustrations and creating amazing experiences is not exciting to you, we are not a good fit for you.

We are more interested in your heart for clients and living out our values than we are in your experience or where you went to law school. We can teach experienced lawyers new practice areas, we can train new lawyers to be independent partners, we can teach new paralegals how to be proficient, but we can’t teach a passion to serve or humility to learn new ways of doing things.

FEELING stifled and repressed? wE ARE flexible and independent.

We have taken the traditional way that “things have always been done” and innovated and done the opposite. For example, we were one of the earliest “cloud-based” firms when we started in 2009. Our online practice management system allowed us to create a hybrid or “distributed” law firm environment with both physical offices, partially remote and fully remote workers in 2014, long before it became popular.

Whether you are an experienced lawyer looking for a succession plan for your practice or firm, a lateral partner looking for a modern, flexible environment, an associate looking for respect and a place to bloom, or a paralegal looking for a remote work opportunity, we have opportunities for all of these.

We encourage applications on a rolling basis, so whether you’re a seasoned legal professional or just starting out, connect with us and let’s explore working together in a new way.

Benefits Associate Attorneys can expect when you join the Lawvex team:

  • Competitive Salary

  • Monthly Bonus based on KPIs

  • 401k matching

  • Medical / Dental / Vision / Life Insurance

  • Opportunities for professional growth and advancement
  • A dynamic and supportive work environment
  • Collaborative and inclusive team culture
  • Mentoring via Associate Development Program

  • 3-Year Partner Track

Benefits Lateral Partners can expect when you join the Lawvex team:

  • Origination % Compensation

  • % of Collected Revenue Compensation

  • Your own S-Corp for tax purposes

  • Set Your Own Hourly Rate

  • Accept or Reject Cases at Your Discretion

  • A dynamic and supportive work environment
  • Collaborative and inclusive team culture
  • No Billable Hour Minimums

  • Work remote or use our Offices

  • Experienced, in-house paralegals

  • On-site, in-person legal assistants

  • Firm pays all expenses, no back charge

  • No lease or debt guarantee obligations

  • Compensation not dependent on others

  • Set your own schedule

  • No administrative obligations

  • Firm provides all HR, staff and admin support

  • Firm provides all software, including CLE

  • Firm provides all billing, accounting

  • Firm advances client expenses

Benefits Paralegals can expect when you join the Lawvex team:

  • Work Fully Remote

  • Legal Research Software

  • Drafting Software

  • E-filing and E-recording

  • Training on Software and Systems

  • Processes and Procedures for Everything

  • Latest Technology and Software

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Paralegal Development Program

  • A dynamic and supportive work environment
  • Collaborative and inclusive team culture
  • Medical / Dental / Vision / Life Insurance

  • 401k matching

  • Opportunities for professional growth and advancement