About Our Law Firm

The lawvex Story

Instead of trying to make an existing law firm better, we started from scratch – and built the brand, business model, systems and culture from the ground up.

Our Brand

We founded Lawvex on the simple premise that law should be less frustrating: for everyone – clients, lawyers and staff. That’s where the name “Lawvex” came from – to take the frustration (the “vex”-ing part) out of law. We were the first in our region to use a brand and to operate with a trade name instead of the partners’ last names. We did this because we believe the law firm name should communicate our heart and be about the clients first, and not just about the lawyers.

Business Model

We have a decentralized business model. We still provide physical office locations where we can meet with clients, process mail and documents, and provide shared workstations for our lawyers to prepare for a meeting or for a court appearance. But our lawyers and paralegals work remotely. Working from home is a hot topic these days but we’ve been doing it since 2009. We provide full back-office support, HR, accounting, billing, marketing and mentoring, all using the cloud, so that lawyers and paralegals can operate an efficient remote office and define their time commitment based on their lifestyle goals. The firm saves on office space and the lawyers get the benefits of a flexible schedule.

Our partner attorneys are all highly experienced. Most have over 12 years in practice and some have more than 25 years. Most of our lawyers have large firm (50-100 lawyers) experience. Lawyer independence is one of our values. Partners set their own hourly rates, have the freedom to take cases and clients that they want, and their income is completely independent from other partners. This fosters collaboration and collegiality between lawyers, without the unnecessary competition and in-fighting so common in traditional firms.

Our associate attorneys are not limited to working under a partner and have independent case authority as responsible attorney for cases that are appropriate to their experience level. Associates provide a more economic alternative for clients for matters that are less complex. We have a clear and easy to understand bonus structure. We believe Associates should not have to guess about whether or not they might be given a bonus or offered a partnership or get fired someday. Our associate to partner track is generally about 36 months and all associates are offered partnership provided they are meeting their goals.


We are systems and data-driven. We have developed and refined workflows and procedures for everything from intake to billing. Our tech stack is bar-none cutting edge: Clio, Quickbooks Online, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Insights, CEB OnLaw, Thomson Reuters, LawPay, SweetProcess, LawYaw, Documate, Apptoto, NiceJob and more.


Most law firms pay lip service to culture and values. At Lawvex, our 6 core values define who we are and share our heart for our clients in bullet points:

We are California casual. While we certainly dress appropriately in court, we would rather be real and genuine and impress you instead with our incredible work ethic, ability to communicate and great results. When you meet with us you might see us dressed in jeans on Fridays. We believe professionalism means living out our values so we don’t need to intimidate anyone with a fancy suit.