How To Distribute Trust Assets

May 6, 2022

How to distribute trust assets graphic.

Trust Asset Distribution

If you are a trustee, after distributing the accounting, the trustee’s report, and the proposed plan of distribution (and ensuring that everyone agrees), you can begin to distribute the trust’s money, real estate, stocks, or bonds. But exactly how do you distribute trust assets? What is the process of distributing trust assets?

Trustee Obligations

As a trustee, you’ll need to ensure that the trust assets are properly distributed as planned. In this video Gary Winter, Managing Attorney at Lawvex discusses how to distribute trust assets, prepare change of ownership forms, California’s property tax reassessment, and exemptions.

If you are a beneficiary of a family trust fund, or if you are a trustee distributing trust assets, then there are many topics to understand how trust fund distributions can be properly executed. We hope this episode of our Trust 101 series lets you gain a better understanding of these topics.

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