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Franklin Spees


Concierge legal services for property management

Consistent with our intent to “vex” the pricing and service model of traditional law firms, a more personal and efficient concierge-like structure is being offered to a limited number of property management companies throughout California. Rather than engaging a general real estate attorney, the objective is to establish a specialized relationship providing “ready access” to a real estate attorney who has real-world, hands-on property management experience. This customizable model allows clients to retain access to the same vested attorney where long term relationships can be formed as your company grows and expands.

Expert Legal Council

As a broker and owner of a medium sized property management company himself, Franklin knows first-hand all of the legal issues that face California small businesses and the specific challenges of navigating one of the most regulated and evolving industries in the state. Franklin has over 18 years of diverse experience as a Real estate, land use, zoning, and business attorney; active owner of a property management company; investment syndicator (multifamily); real estate transaction broker; city/urban planner; personal investor, etc. He is licensed by the California State Bar and California Department of Real Estate. He is an active member of the California Association of Realtors and the California Apartment Association. Franklin continues to serve on the CA Apartment Association Legislative Subcommittee (2016-2019).

Who needs this service?

This service is best suited for medium sized management companies who do not have the budget to hire full-time legal counsel on staff but still need semi-regular legal advice on issues such as compliance (DRE, FTB, DFEH, HUD, ADA), audits, small claims, business organization, limiting liability, growth, transactions, forms, code interpretations, trust accounting, legal negotiation and settlements, etc.

What services are included?

This is intended to be a consultative program designed to provide high-level property management expertise and counsel to clients at predictable and reasonable rates. Designed solely for the purpose of preserving a consistent line of communication between attorney and client, it does not include third-party communications such as attorney calls to opposing counsel, insurance companies or public agencies on your behalf. Some limited review of client documents and data, as is appropriate under the circumstances, will be included. However, it does not include any litigation or other substantive work product such as drafting contracts, court documents, forming business entities, partnership agreements, etc. However, you be be well informed on which decisions to make when given a range of legal options.

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