Work With The Lawvex Team

Hi, I’m Gary Winter, the founder and managing attorney at Lawvex. After building a successful solo practice, I created Lawvex in 2014 with the mission of building a modern law firm to remove the frustration and create a great experience for clients, attorneys and staff working in the legal industry.

Our Work Environment

To my knowledge we were the first cloud-based law firm in central California when we signed on with Clio in 2009. Our cloud-based platform has allowed us to combine practice management needs such as calendaring, tasking, billing and document management and work from the client’s place of business, court or the comfort of your home office. Remote work is not a new thing here. We have offered remote and hybrid work options for attorneys and paralegals since 2014 but we also maintain full time physical presence at our office locations which have excellent conference rooms and full-service shared workspaces so you can come in and prep for a meeting, prep for court or just get away from the kids for a few hours. 

We believe our work environment is about respect and understanding that we are all humans and from the receptionist to the managing attorney, everyone plays an important role. People have a life outside of the job and that life is valid and important. Sometimes it’s beyond our control but we work really hard to use systems and workflows and plan ahead so that we avoid the last minute crisis to get something filed on time. 

The Latest Tools

If you want to work with the latest in legal tech all designed to make your work easier and more efficient, we have it: practice management by Clio, calendaring by CourtRules, cloud based drafting software by Lawyaw, scheduling by Apptoto, phones and video meetings by Gotoconnect, bookkeeping by Quickbooks online and serviced by big 4 accounting firm PwC, Documate for document automation, SweetProcess for workflows, plus every lawyer and staff member has a full access subscription to CEB Onlaw with all practice guides and free video CLE so you can learn about new practice areas, brush up on things and stay current with CLE.

Real Training and Mentoring

Once you show up to work you will not just be dropped at a desk with a stack of files and left to figure it out. We have a thorough and thoughtful onboarding program where we introduce you to our history, our values, our culture, the software we use, our workflows, and processes over several days. After that, we work closely with you, meeting and following up frequently for daily, then weekly meetings to check in and make sure you’re adapting well. 

Is This For You?

If you have a great legal job that provides you with respect, outstanding quality of life, work/life balance, opportunity to advance and great compensation and benefits, then this opportunity is not for you. 

If you’re unmotivated, sour, if new technology scares you, if you can’t be compassionate to our clients, or if you can’t be productive and positive, then this opportunity is not for you. 

But if something is missing for you and you’re frustrated with your current legal job, I’d like to invite you to check us out and submit your resume by emailing it to our Office Manager, Tisha English,

Our Recruiting and Vetting Process

Successful resumes will include at least 3 references with names, phone and email and will receive a brief phone interview. Successful phone interviews will proceed to our vetting stage which includes a small project, written quiz and a brief online personality / behavioral assessment. Successful candidates will have their references checked and then receive an in person interview. Successful in person interviews go to final approval and receive a second in person interview. If an offer is made it will be immediately after the second interview. If this process is a turn off for you then you are not a good fit for us. We are highly selective about who we work with and if you get the chance to work with us, you will appreciate that. This process does not need to take a long time and we can complete the process quickly and confidentially.

Best wishes,