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You are here because you are frustrated with a California trust and estates legal problem. You may be an executor of a Will, trustee of a Trust, beneficiary, professional fiduciary, or maybe just trying to understand what it means to plan your estate or do business succession planning in retirement. We can help. You came to the right place. You are the hero of your story and we are the guide. We are the premier Central California Trust + Estates law firm.

Learn More About Your Rescue Team

Learn More About Your Rescue Team

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Saving You from Legal Frustration Through Education

Saving You from Legal Frustration Through Education

More Than Money

How do we leave a lasting legacy to our children and those we leave behind? Questions like this are answered in this free chapter of More Than Money, featuring our founding partner, attorney Gary Winter.

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DIY Legal: A Business Law Podcast

DIY Legal: A Business
Law Podcast

A podcast dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners through the maze of business law

Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

Tax and Timing Benefits of Donor Advised Funds

Despite the global health and financial crisis, the spirit of giving is far from fading. In fact, 2021 saw a near-record $485 billion given to charity by Americans. This is a growing trend, considering how the current climate has forced more people to …

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Why You Need a Reserve of Money in a Trust

In a trust administration, a “reserve” is money that the trustee retains until certain conditions are met. The amount of money in the reserve is based on factors such as the value of the trust’s assets and its beneficiaries’ inheritance rights. Basical …

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How To Distribute Trust Assets

If you are a trustee, after distributing the accounting, the trustee’s report, and the proposed plan of distribution (and ensuring that everyone agrees), you can begin to distribute the trust’s money, real estate, stocks, or bonds. But exactly how do y …

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Stories from the Rescued

I had a great experience! Lawvex made my process of creating an S-corp simple and hassle-free. And I have really appreciated the hands-off experience they have created for me with their annual maintenance program! Love them!
Stephanie Zimmerman
Lawvex helped me with during my mother’s final year. They were amazingly accommodating in terms of conversations with my mother by phone, handling her wishes and questions with patience and respect. And after mom passed, my job as Trustee was simplified by their clear explanations and coaching along the way. Professional and personal. with just the right balance.
Patty Gallagher
Gary Winter and his associates at Lawvex provide outstanding legal assistance at a value for their Clients. The service is positive, professional, friendly and with a sense of urgency.
Kevin Smith
My problem was out of the usual realm of legal matters. No problem; they researched the matter and expeditiously brought it to a successful conclusion.
Dale Sprinkle
My mother and I were very pleased with the work on all her documents and it was so easy to find you on Everyone is very courteous and helpful they answer all your question and they totally explain everything to you I would recommend this law firm to my family and friends thank you so much Lawvex for making our experience so complete and easy.
Estella Wegner
Professional, knowledgeable, and quick!
Christen Morrow-Ara
Staff is friendly and attentive to your needs. The process of the services was done thorough, professional, and easy. Everything was explained to your level of understanding and we never felt intimidated. I would highly recommend Lawvex to all of my family and friends.
Jackie Ruiz
Very positive experience. Have used Lawvex for personal and business legal needs and very pleased with work and outcomes.
Joel Weber
My husband and I have known that we needed to have a Living Trust set up for quite some time, however, we just did not know where to go and who to trust with something so important to us and our children. We decided to go with Lawvex and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Gary Winter and his team of professionals are excellent. Gary explained all the intricacies of living trusts and wills and how they work together. After taking inventory of our assets, answering our questions and listening to our concerns Gary patiently walked us through the entire process. If you’re looking for someone to trust with one of the most important documents you’ll ever need call Lawvex.
Esperanza Booke
We had a fantastic experience with Lawvex! Gary Winter and his team were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to set up, or revise, an estate plan. Their style made the process very informative and enjoyable.
M Hendrick
I am very satisfied with the legal services provided by David Rowell. He is an outstanding attorney that provided excellent results at the end. Thank you again for all your hard work!
Lori Tolley
A++ We were lucky to find this attorney’s office. They helped us change our small business into an S-Corporation. We continue to partner for future needs. Thank You
Carlos Torres
We had our estate planning done at Lawvex. Gary took the time to fully inform and educate us about all our options. He also took the time to understand our situation and make the appropriate recommendations. Also, our case was a bit urgent and Gary managed to help us fast and efficiently, without compromising our understanding, education, the process or the final result. They use technology in an efficient way so we were able to do meetings and document preparation, reviews, correction and storing in an easy and secure way. Also, I like that it is not one of those huge legal firms that see and manage their customers as numbers. They take the time to get to know you. I would recommend doing business with them.
Asriel Saporta
I was very happy with how easy my experience was with Lawvex. I have recommended them to friends and family and will be using them for any services I may need in the future.
Leslie Avila
Gary and his staff did an excellent job making our life changing experience go smoothly, quickly and without any problems. They helped us get through a difficult time when my father passed away and what to do with his house, trust and retirement. They were professional, courteous and caring. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing help. I will be going through him setting up my trust soon. Thanks again Gary Winters and staff! My siblings really appreciated it.
Robb Stinecipher
I highly recommend LAWVEX, Gary Winter and his professional staff. We have a complex family situation and I am still amazed how every detail of our Trust was covered in a precise, professional, organized, timely and simple manner. Gary’s legal knowledge and experience are extensive. All of our questions and concerns were addressed and resolved. If I would have known it could be this easy and cost-efficient I would have done this years ago. My wife and I are very impressed with our final documents. Thanks LAWVEX!
William Bartel
Excellent value for any small business owner. Have an ongoing subscription to their business services for a low monthly cost. They file my yearly State Corporation papers and I have a lawyer on call to answer any HR or other legal questions that pop up. Often I’ve gotten a call back the same day to answer a pressing HR question – this has been amazing and such an amazing service. HIGHLY recommend the Lawvex team!!
Christine Turrentine
Franklin was our attorney for establishing our family trust. He did a great job explaining the necessary steps to establish and maintain our trust, living wills and power of attorney. All of our questions were thoroughly answered and work was completed timely. Pleased with the firm’s work.
Greg W
Lawvex has been a Godsend to me! 3 years ago my dad had a massive stroke leaving him paralyzed and not able to talk. He didn’t have a Power of Attorney (POW), so I couldn’t act on his behalf. I contacted Gary Winter as he was recommended to me. He helped me become my dad’s Conservator, letting me step in and help with my dad’s finances. Then when my dad passed, he didn’t have a Trust, so Gary helped me with Probate and to sell my dad’s house. None of this was fun, cheap or easy, but Gary and his staff made it go as smoothly as possible. I have learned 3 very important things in this whole ordeal. Everyone needs a POW for their finances and for their medical, should you become disabled, but you also need a Trust for when you pass. My dad had a Will and thought he was prepared, but that was clearly not enough. He just didn’t know, but now I do and I want everyone to know too so that you don’t leave your family with the nightmare I had to endure.
Jill Britton McCool
I met Gary Winter of LAWVEX during the most challenging time of my life. A divorce, moving from out of State to Clovis, California and in need of a Family Trust to be formulated and be quickly activated. I was fortunate that a trusted family member sent me to Gary Winter. Gary has made this transition, with so many different options, understandable for me to decide. I am now relaxed enjoying my children knowing they will be more secure in the future. Now I’m working on a traveling bucket list. Thank you Gary
Joe DiMercurio
Lawvex has a great team, they handle all of my LLC paperwork. It’s effortless for me 🙂
Alex Ramirez

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