Trusts + Estates Services

Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is essentially a way to legally tell the government, specifically the court system, “I don’t need you” to supervise my medical or financial affairs if I can’t make my own decisions or if I die. I have someone nominated to make my decisions and I have specific directions on how I want those decisions made.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time or make the investment to plan ahead and thousands of dollars are wasted in unnecessary court proceedings when they become incapacitated or die.

We create more than one hundred estate plans every year and can guide you through a simple and understandable process that makes stewardship for your family easy and accessible. Our estate planning services are based on your needs and the complexity of your choices.

Take a look at our three programs below and then contact us to call us to see what program is most appropriate for you and schedule your initial consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Family Foundations

Family Wealth

Plan By Design

Simple Estates

Some Complexity


2 Attorney Meetings

3 Attorney Meetings

As needed

Estates under $5 Million

Estates under $5 Million

Estates $5 Million and over

Lowest Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee



Self Employed

Business Owner

Not blended family

Blended Family


No special needs, disabled or substance abuse beneficiaries

Special needs, disabled or substance abuse beneficiaries

Special needs, disabled or substance abuse beneficiaries

Elder Law Services (Medi-Cal Planning, VA Benefits Planning)

As your elder parent’s medical needs become more complex, you may need additional services to ensure estate assets and public benefits such as Medi-Cal and Veterans’ Aid and Attendance are maximized and protected from “spend down” now and in the future. Our Elder Law services are ideal for those caring for an elder parent with serious medical issues that may require skilled nursing facility care, and our military veterans with medical needs and service record eligibility for VA benefits.

Trusts and Estate Administration

No matter how large or small your estate, and no matter how young or old you may be, everyone becomes incapacitated or dies at some point. There is always legal work to do when someone dies. Use a Trust + Estate expert to guide you through the administrative process.


For families with will-based plans, probate or a summary probate proceeding in Court will likely be required. The Court will typically the California county where your loved one died. We are able to appear remotely for most California counties. You may be an executor, a beneficiary of a will, or a surviving spouse or relative. We can help, so give us a call. If you are trying to learn more about what probate means and whether probate is required or what level of probate is required for your loved one’s estate we made our own app for this! Check out our app Do I Need Probate?

Trust Administration

For families with trust-based plans, trust administration will be required and there is still legal work to do even though there may not be a Court case. Trust administration is handled privately, outside of Court unless there is a dispute or clarification needed. We can provide tremendous protection for trustees that may be personally liable if they are negligent in trustee duties. We can also provide guidance regarding the timing and manner of operating businesses or selling land or investment property. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with Trust Administration.

Trust and Estate Disputes, Mediation, Litigation, Court Proceedings, Contests

You may be a trustee seeking to complete the terms of the trust or a beneficiary seeking to challenge the trustee’s decision or actions regarding assets, accounting or distribution plans.

Prior to starting any battle in court we will review the estate plan documents (will, trust, any accountings) and review the actions of the executor or trustee and educate you about your legal rights and options so you can make an informed choice about moving forward.

If you choose to proceed, we can represent you and aggressively advocate for your position in Court.

You may be an executor or administrator of an estate in probate where estate assets have been taken by individuals who are not entitled to them. We can represent you and protect and recover the estate assets and petition for a Court Order to have them returned to the estate.

We are collaborative and value-oriented lawyers and seek to make resolution where it makes sense for all parties. However, where it does not make sense or parties are acting unreasonably, we are highly motivated and passionate advocates for your case and we will successfully mediate and litigate to trial cases concerning trustees, trusts, wills, executors and assets.

If you are a party to a probate or trust dispute, contact us to learn more about how we can help.