The Lawvex Difference

Our story: Brand, Business Model, Systems, Culture

Instead of trying to make an existing law firm better, we started from scratch – and built the brand, business model, systems and culture from the ground up.

Brand: We founded Lawvex on the simple premise that law should be less frustrating: for clients, for lawyers and for staff. That’s where the name “Lawvex” came from – to take the frustration (the “vex”-ing part) out of law. We were one of the first branded law firms to operate with a trade name instead of the partners’ last names. We did this because we believe the law firm name should communicate our heart and be about the clients, not about the lawyers.

Business Model: We have a hub-and-spoke business model. Our hubs are our office locations where we meet with clients, process mail and documents, and provide shared workstations for our lawyers. Our spokes are lawyers and paralegals that work remotely. Working from home is a hot topic these days but we’ve been doing it since 2009. We provide full back-office support, HR, accounting, billing, marketing and mentoring, all using the cloud, so that lawyers and paralegals can operate an efficient remote office and define their time commitment based on their lifestyle goals. The firm saves on office space and the lawyers get the benefits of a flexible schedule.

Our partner attorneys are all highly experienced with at least 12 years in practice and some with more than 25 years. Most of our lawyers have large firm (50-100 lawyers) experience. Our partner attorneys participate in the revenue they generate. Lawyer independence is one of our values. Lawyers set their own hourly rates, have the freedom to take cases and clients that they want, and their income is completely independent from other partners. This fosters collaboration and collegiality between lawyers, without the unnecessary competition and in-fighting so common in traditional firms.

Systems: We are systems-driven. We have developed and refined workflows for everything from intake to billing. Our tech stack is bar-none cutting edge: Clio, Quickbooks Online, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Insights, CEB OnLaw, Thomson Reuters, LawPay, LawYaw, and Documate, just to name a few. We offer flat fees for estate planning in our Family Foundations and Family Wealth Planning programs, and for unlawful detainers and Chapter 7 bankruptcy matters. We are even developing a Concierge program for our lawyers to share their niche expertise to specialized client groups by monthly fixed-fees via webinar, video chat and other periodic content.

Culture: Most law firms pay lip service to culture and values. At Lawvex, our 6 core values define who we are and share our heart for our clients in bullet points:

  • Speed – When you have a legal problem, or even just a quick question, we respond quickly. We have dedicated some of our paralegals to be “Intake Coordinators” so that when you call or email us you are greeted by a friendly and helpful person that has the ability to connect you with your lawyer immediately and has calendaring authority to schedule a call or video conference with your attorney so you don’t have to play phone tag.
  • Efficiency – We work efficiently on all cases, using the premier cloud-based practice management platform and integrated drafting software and other tools with innovative and lean processes to ensure our expert lawyers spend time working for you and don’t waste time administratively.
  • Value – We don’t have billable hour minimums and don’t do legal work unless it is valuable to you as compared to the risks as well as our fees and costs.
  • Education – We believe that a well-informed client makes the best possible decision in their situation so we take the time to explain your options and the associated risks and benefits. We create video tutorials to explain common questions so you can learn about your case on your own time and you don’t have to pay for generic information that applies to everyone.
  • Compassion – We are sensitive to the anger, grief, and frustration our client’s experience when they experience disputes with family while grieving a loss and we walk by your side throughout your legal case, helping you every step of the way.
  • Transparency – We are an open book to our clients. We explain your options, what the law requires, the steps we are taking to move your case forward to keep you informed, including billing. If you ever have any questions, always feel free to ask.

We are California casual. While we certainly dress appropriately in court, we would rather be real and genuine and impress you instead with our incredible work ethic, ability to communicate and great results. When you meet with us you might see us dressed in jeans on Fridays. We believe professionalism means living out our values so we don’t need to intimidate anyone with a fancy suit.