Estate Planning

Estate planning is essentially a way for you to legally tell the government, specifically the court system, “I don’t need you” to supervise my medical or financial affairs if I can’t make my own decisions or if I die. I have someone nominated to make my decisions and I have specific directions on how I want those decisions made.

Got Will? Unfortunately, according to AARP, 60% of us haven’t even done a Will yet. 

Whether it’s the investment of time or money or the fear factor of talking about death and dying, most people just don’t make the investment to plan ahead and thousands of dollars are wasted in unnecessary court proceedings when they become incapacitated or die. 

We get the emotional side of estate planning. One of our core values is Compassion.

That’s why we created our proprietary estate planning processes: Family Foundations, Family Wealth and Plan By Design (keep scrolling for details). We keep your investment of time and money matched to your needs and the complexity of your choices. Family Foundations and Family Wealth planning is appropriate for most of our clients and is charged by an all-inclusive fixed fee, quoted by your estate planning attorney up front during our initial consultation at no risk to you. Plus, we keep our meetings light and informal, a heavy portion of compassion and a touch of humor. Contact Us now for your initial consultation.

Can’t I just download a form online? The problem with this is you will not always know which form applies, what parts need to be added or edited and whether or not it will actually meet legal scrutiny when you need it. Most people, even the ones that use lawyers for estate planning, don’t understand what they are signing and according to Forbes, a lack of understanding is a classic estate planning mistake.

We teach estate planning. One of our core values is Education.

Your understanding is key to your plan’s ultimate success. We take the time to explain the estate planning “tools in the toolbox” at all of our new and update plan meetings. We draw concepts out on our dry erase board so you visual learners don’t have to just listen to us drone on about abstract concepts. Our goal is for you to be educated about your plan so that you understand what it’s doing for you, and why that particular type of plan was appropriate for you. Contact Us now for your initial consultation. We guarantee you will learn something new about your plan.

When it comes to decisions with consequences this serious, you want to use an expert that has years of experience behind them, is focused on the niche and is actively doing many estate plans each week, month and year.

We do a lot of estate planning. 

Our estate planning partners opened 232 estate planning cases in 2018.  

We create more than 200 estate plans every year. That’s nearly 20 estate plans per month. We have heard it all. We can guide you through a simple and understandable process that makes stewardship for your family easy and accessible. Our estate planning services are based on your needs and the complexity of your choices.

Take a look at our three programs below and then Contact Us to call us to see what program is most appropriate for you and schedule your initial consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney.

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Family Foundations

Family Wealth

Plan By Design

Simple Estates

Some Complexity


2 Attorney Meetings

3 Attorney Meetings

As needed

Estates under $5 Million

Estates under $5 Million

Estates $5 Million and over

Lowest Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee



Self Employed

Business Owner

Not blended family

Blended Family


No special needs, disabled or substance abuse beneficiaries

Special needs, disabled or substance abuse beneficiaries

Special needs, disabled or substance abuse beneficiaries