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Tax and Timing Benefits of Donor Advised Funds

Despite the global health and financial crisis, the spirit of giving is far from fading. In fact, 2021 saw a near-record $485 billion given to charity by Americans. This is a growing trend, considering how the current climate has forced more people to …

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Why You Need a Reserve of Money in a Trust

In a trust administration, a “reserve” is money that the trustee retains until certain conditions are met. The amount of money in the reserve is based on factors such as the value of the trust’s assets and its beneficiaries’ inheritance rights. Basical …

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How To Distribute Trust Assets

If you are a trustee, after distributing the accounting, the trustee’s report, and the proposed plan of distribution (and ensuring that everyone agrees), you can begin to distribute the trust’s money, real estate, stocks, or bonds. But exactly how do y …

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