What is a Trust?

Welcome back, everyone, to the series again. Today we're talking about trusts. This is another video in our series for Trustees and Understanding Trusts Better. So today we're talking about what is a trust. We're going to start with some basics.  So, first of all, a trust is an agreement between two people for the benefit of a third person. OK, so if I were to say to you, hey, will you hold my phone for me? Read More

Classic DIY Handwritten Will Fail – the Estate of Larry King

**Note - if you haven't checked out our latest Trusts 101 Video Series, then click HERE for our first video in the series on "What is a Will?" One of my partners this morning posted this article on Slack about famous news reporter and anchorman Larry King who wrote his own will on October 17, 2019. As trust and estate attorneys, Check out one of the articles about Larry's Will HERE. I don't really know why these Read More

What is a Will?

So welcome back everyone to our series on trust.  Today we’re going to be talking about what a will is and I know this sounds counterintuitive but sometimes the best way to understand what a trust is to understand what a will is and how it works.  So first of all a will is everything that you’ve seen in tv or the movies, it’s just a statement of who gets what after you pass away and then, secondly who handles your Read More